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Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Govt. Arts and Commerce College is designated to be the Premiere Institute by the State Govt., Dept. of Higher Education and also it happens to be one of the oldest and the biggest colleges in the State in terms of student strength and the research activities in the college as well as in the dept. of English.

The concept of English Language Lab was initiated in the year 2010-11 and sent a proposal of the intent to the UGC for sanction of the grant. Resultantly, the UGC has sanctioned an amount which was adequate only for the procurement of the computers (30+1) and software. Then after we approached the Jan Bhagidari Samiti of the college for the grant to establish the computer lab with furniture and other requisite peripherals, and the Samiti was kind enough to grant. With this, The English Language Lab was finally installed in the year 2013. The Dept. of English had established the Language Lab with a purpose to impart education and knowledge, beyond the prescribed syllabus for learning English conversation, communication skills and thus by improving the personality development and employability. Therefore, it has been named as BEST PRACTICE.

The Salient Features:

The English Language Lab consists of 30+1 computers with considerably good configuration. All the computers are inter-connected through LAN with the Server (Master) computer, through which the commands are delivered to the students, sitting on one of the computers. Basically, the intention is to make the students learn English through computer software. The use of headphones is also becomes necessary for some audio-visual lessons. Initially, it was a challenging task for us to cope up with the software, which at times used to drop out. But finally from 2015 onwards, the Lab became fully functional and now it is getting better in terms of infra-structural, software and cosmetic up-gradation.

English language lab in G.A.C.C. are designed to provide students a strong platform for practical training in english language. A good language lab skillfully and efficiently develops the language skills of the students.English Language Lab are vital in everyday usage of the English language in today’s world.

  • The Language Lab helps the users to understand, use and grow confidence in using the english language.
  • It helps you in increasing your speaking, understanding and writing ability in English for the right progression of your career.
  • Digital English Language Lab provides a learner with: Enhancement of spoken English skills, Pronunciation practice using phonetics.

The Software:

Words Worth is the software, through which we are at present imparting the training of English Language Learning to the students. This software is a combination of ILT (Instructor Led Training) and CBT (Computer Based Training). This software contains three Levels of Courseware – Prep I, Prep II, and Prep III. In these Preps there are 24, 39 and 25 sessions (lessons) respectively. Presently, the Preps are learnt by the UG students, starting Prep I to Prep III, respectively from first year to the final year UG. The PG students will opt Prep III directly. We have already proposed (in purchase process) some more softwares (at least 4 or 5), which will be more useful for UG and PG students, including the MA English students too.

In the present software, every session starts with ILT and followed by CBT. In the beginning of each session, the Instructor explains ILT part through LED Projector or blackboard. This part also includes ‘Public Speaking”, Role Play”, Skit/Act”, “One-to-One Conversation” from the front/podium and so on. More focus is given on the voice intonation, pronunciation, building confidence and hand movements while speaking. Once the ILT part is over, the instructor moves to the CBT part. Here in CBT, in each session, 14-30, tasks are assigned to the students as a Test Series. Students are supposed to perform all the tasks one by one. Then only they can proceed to the next task. The students are given only three attempts to write/tick/rearrange/match etc. to choose the correct answer. After all the attempts are exhausted, the students automatically get the correct answer, thus makes the student an autonomous learner.

The Word Worth focuses on all the four skills of language learning, LSWR skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. Besides the software based learning, some activities like group discussion, creative writing, extempore, personal interview, PPT for phonetics, dramas etc. are also performed in the Language Lab.

Process of Enrolment:

Enrolment in the English Language Lab is open for all the regular students of the college, on ‘first-come-first-get’ basis. The procedure of getting enrolled for the software based learning program is, first of all, to fill the hard copy of the registration form and then register online with server computer. To facilitate the regular students, we ask them to come to the Lab only after the main timetable classes are over, or before the main classes commence. This is an extra benefit, and we see that no regular class of any student is missed due to this class.

The Follow-up:

After the registration, students get online enrolment. Those who are irregular and discontinue due to some reason, we circulate/paste notices in the classrooms/notice boards regarding their being non-regular and convey them to be present in the Lab and do the tasks, which are left. We also use the tele-calling, sending the bulk messages on their regd. Mobile number.


The enrolled students fill-up the feedback forms, developed by the IQAC cell of our college. Through these feedback forms, which maintain anonymity, we come to understand that the course content is very effective, useful and compatible for the language learner

The Evaluation:

Initially, the instructor continuously checks how the students are performing on the computer, how much time is spent by each student for doing a task, how many attempts are availed by each student and how many tasks have been done by the students in each session. Moreover, the percentage they score appears on the monitor of the ser computer is visible and accessible for the instructor. After completing all the prescribed tasks, the student is said to have successfully completed the Level/Prep. We also give the certificates to the students after successful completion of each Prep at the college level, which help them get encouraged and also go onward for more knowledge, and also the certificates will surely help them and add to their CV’s so that they stand apart from the others who did not do this C-BELL course, which means Computer-Based English Language Learning.

C-BELL (Computer-Based English Language Learning)

Objectives of the Practice:

Madhya Pradesh is a Hindi speaking state; the students find it very difficult to communicate in English despite studying the same in school for twelve years. Since language learning is quite different from learning any other subject, it is not limited to just writing an examination paper and getting marks. Process and the method of learning a language are of utmost importance. The interactive lab sessions enable students to improve listening, speaking, and reading and writing by putting them into practice, it makes them attentive, enthusiastic, overcome shyness, internalize basic language concepts and help them in their personal and professional growth.

The Context:

The students are from in or around Indore or other small places of Madhya Pradesh with Hindi as their medium of instruction. The linguistic habits already acquired in learning their mother tongue and various local dialects slow down their proficiency in learning English language. It is generally observed that either they fail to produce a particular sound or they produce it incorrectly. This makes them hesitant and shy. So it becomes essential that students belonging to various regions are exposed to the same standard material in the language laboratory in order to develop uniform and acceptable habits of speech.

The Practice:

The English Language Lab has 30 computers with considerably good configuration for students along with headphones. These computers are connected through LAN with the Master Computer. We are using the software Wordsworth which gives students a chance practice and take their communication skills to the next level at their own pace. This software is a combination of ILT (Instructor Led Training) which is followed by CBT (Computer Based Training). The instructor teaches using a projector and blackboard. The students are given practice in Public Speaking, Role Play, Skit/Act, One to One conversation from the front, One to all conversation and so on. Practice is based on what is more close to real life rather than text book exercises.

Films, dramas, Documentaries, Virtual Lectures have benefitted the students of English Literature, Hindi Literature, Yoga, MBA, BBA, BA and B Com as required online or offline (CD/DVD/Hard Disc etc). Students are guided and instructed as to how to prepare for interviews and face them confidently. Interactive sessions like role play or group discussions help students overcome their shyness. The students can communicate with each other and also with the teacher and vice versa without disturbing others in the laboratory. English Language lab is also helping students with their competitive exams. Regular students who apply for MPPSC, MP Professional Examination Board, Staff Selection Commission, Railway Recruitment Board, Banking etc are helped and guided to prepare for their general English paper according to their prescribed course. In future the In charge Language Lab intends to install certain courses like Business English, Spoken English, and Day-to-Day English, etc. for the trainees of the college.

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