Vision & Mission


The College abides by its motto ना ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रं इहा विद्यते ( ‘Na Gyanen Sadrusham Pavithram Iha Vidyate’)

  • i.e. ‘Nothing is more Sacred than Education (Knowledge)’ in its vision.
  • It endeavors to be a respected and, a sought after Educational Institute engaged in transforming lives through comprehensive education by upholding the values of secularism, national integration and social commitment.
  • To inculcate among the students a spirit of entrepreneurship, develop in them cultural values, a scientific temper and above all make them morally sound, responsible citizen of the country through innovative academic practices which will cater to their holistic development.
  • The institution believes in quality enhancement in rural students through providing them quality education and improve creativity in the students.


  • To Facilitate meaningful education to socially and economically backward classes takes in hand the social needs, access, equity, and quality.
  • Strive to materialize our vision by focusing on the all-round development of the students’ personality through proper education and exposure.
  • Inculcate core human values to the learners and instill in the minds of the students the ethical values of our rich cultural tradition.
  • Contribute to the transformation of prevailing social conditions so that values enshrined in the constitution of India- social justice, equality of opportunity, democratic freedom to all, tolerance and respect to all religions may be brought closer to realization.
  • Organize various academic and co-curricular activities in the college to develop leadership qualities, team spirit, communication skills and mutual responsibility.
  • Promote attitude of research and examination among the youths to developing an intellectual society.
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